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The Obvious
Maxim Horvath is both tall and broad, 6'3" with a build that's a strange mix of stocky and lanky. He's barrel-chested and definitely overweight, but he's also got very long arms and legs, and a generally big frame under the extra padding. He has a rocking limp and uses a cane to walk, but it's more for balance than actual support and unless someone is very observant it's hard to tell that it's his left leg he's favoring.
He appears to be somewhere in his late forties to early fifties, with a hint of grey in his beard and at his temples. More than once he's been mistaken for some kind of professor, and he tends to dress in slightly outdated three-piece suits, or at least slacks, oxford shirts, and a vest. His clothes are tailored, but a little bit threadbare just because they're old. He also has reading glasses, which he'll pull out if needed, so that contributes to the professorial look. The most striking thing about Horvath's wardrobe are his rings; On most days there's one on every finger except his wedding ring finger. All of them are on the heavy side, mostly ornate, and have some gemstone or another. The least he's ever seen with is two, one on his right hand set with a blue translucent stone, maybe a sapphire, and an additional ring of one kind or another. He wears no other jewelry, as a general rule.
Horvath has a deep, expressive voice and a British/European accent (True Brits will hear hints that he's traveled). He's an eloquent speaker and he likes to talk, and has a slightly sarcastic, dry wit. On the surface of things, he's usually friendly and easy to have a conversation with, but he also doesn't like to go into emotional topics or the details of his own history. Horvath can be dour and serious, if he's not on a cheerful topic. He doesn't deal well with overly emotional people, tending to flounder and/or retreat in a hurry.

The Less Obvious
To those sensitive to these things, Horvath is a sorcerer of not inconsiderable power. He was a student of Merlin, and is over 1,450 years old. There is a spell set on him by Merlin which keeps him from aging (mostly) until Morgana is destroyed, but he's not invulnerable or impossible to kill. His rings are (yes all of them) magic in nature, but some have different uses than others. The ring on his right hand with the blue stone is his personal talisman, and he usually has at least a couple of rings that store quick-use magic shield spells.
If it comes up in a fight or some other action sequence, Horvath is missing his left leg from just a few inches below the knee. The prosthesis is fairly modern, metal and plastic and made to match his other leg realistically, but it doesn't bend much at the ankle. He can't feel it, of course, and his balance is a little iffy because of that, but he can walk a short distance without the aid of a cane.

OOC Permissions, etc.
Important note for those expecting the movie version of Maxim Horvath: This Horvath is an AU version! Please see the Au info link below for more. Horvath is also played as familiar with a multiversal nexus ([community profile] dear_multiverse from back on LJ) and has continuity from that, including a friendship with a pre-movie canon Balthazar Blake.
I am generally down for action/fight scenes as long as there is no god-moding involved. Mun and muse are over the age of 18 and then some. If you have any OOC questions, just send me a message!

AU Info ~ Character Survey of Doom

Additional Links:
Ambient sound environment of Horvath's Library.
All artwork copyright Rey 2014 Larger version here.
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Back yard barbecue at Sam's:
Meeting the host, Sam Winchester
Awkward discussions with Zach
Meeting Sharpe

Establishing wards with Zach, on the clinic

Horvath hallucinates Balthazar and a battlefield, and is rescued by Nick

Setting up wards for the Clinic
Horvath puts out a request for volunteers, and meets them outside the Clinic to tweak things so everyone can get through.

Jimmy's taken up resident in a bookshop, and Horvath stops in to help sort through the old stock.

Wolf and Jimmy, among others seem to have ghosts trailing them.

A newcomer, Dusty (and her dog Duchess) land in Shadow City in the middle of the night, and Horvath gives an uncertain welcome.

Another newcomer named Drew arrives at the same time as a zombie apocalypse. After hacking their way to the Clinic, Horvath attempts to check in with Jimmy and Sharpe.
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Amarante's first visit to Horvath's home was brief, but the place makes an impression. Deep underground, buried in metal and concrete and layers of wards even his old master would be impressed by, Horvath is an old dragon huddled in a subterranean lair. He may have mentioned 'the vault', and he's told her before of how he guards something the Morganians would gladly kill him to get. His home is a bomb shelter, and he keeps it very tightly under lock and key.

Inside this fortress, he's made a grand space, though. His library fills most of an abandoned train station, with a cathedral ceiling that's mostly lost in shadow and rows of bookshelves that stretch further than can be seen from standing in any one spot. There are throw rugs, plush antique chairs and couches, desks and tables piled with books and papers and knickknacks, and a few display stands and cabinets that hold bizarre and impressive items collected on his travels over the ages. Lamps scattered throughout the place cast just enough light to give a warm and cozy glow to the place, without making it too bright. It's a far cry from the sanctuary Mara took him to, but the place has been molded around him like well-worn clothing or a favorite chair. Every inch of the place is very him.

Winter sent him curling up close to home, in the kind of retreat he tried to warn her he so often falls prey to. The cold has begun to creep into his bones, the past few years, and he hates to even risk slipping on the ice. It's far easier to stay down here, in the warmth and comfort of his books and his cats. He feels a little guilty for it, but with spring, it seems time to make an effort to come out of hibernation. His invitation is tentative, since she's been busy serving her Lady over the winter, and having her visit him isn't much of a step outside himself, but he's trying. With a table laid out for tea, Horvath awaits his guest, while the cats demand his attention simply because they can sense his quiet anxieties.
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Back-alley battle, with an unexpected assist from Fortescue.
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Horvath can, even if he thinks back hard on the past few decades since he settled in New York, count the number of guests he's had on one hand. It's only been Bel, the past five years or so, and he's had two or three trusted associates over to talk shop in the past twenty years, once each. Most of those have since passed on, anyway. A large reason is that he is cautious, to the point of paranoia. After all, his home is built around a vault that contains some very volatile magical items, which is the very reason he settled there, wanting to guard it more closely. That's partly an excuse, though. It's only subconsciously that he looks for reasons to keep people out; out of his home, out of his life. Friends are dangerous, it hurts too much to get attached only to outlive them in what seems like such a short time.

More recently, that's changed, and he's making an effort to open up again. It still takes some careful adjustments to the wards, to let even one person in. Fortunately he knows Anna fairly well, having astral projected with her, so that makes the adjustment easier. She should feel privileged, being one of only three people currently able to pass through the fortification of shields that surround his home.

At the arranged time, he magically teleports her in, to a dim cozy library with a vaulted ceiling of tile. There are no windows, and if one studies the architectural details it's not hard to see the remnants of the turn-of-the-century train station this place once was. Horvath has since filled it with bookshelves, desks, floor lamps and chairs. It's comfortably warm, and the furniture is antique and well-padded, much like the man who makes his home here. A low table has been laid out with tea, finger sandwiches, and cookies, with a few book-shaped wrapped packages stacked to one side.
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She's an unusual friend, with other unusual friends, but a friend nonetheless.
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Sorcerer of another kind, yet not so different at all.
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