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The war between Sorcerers was fought in the shadows of history, and the fate of mankind rested with the just and powerful Merlin. He told his secrets to three trusted apprentices, Balthazar, Veronica, and Horvath. He should have trusted only two...

The apprentices witnessed the savagery of a sorcerer beyond evil; Morgana le Fay, Merlin's most deadly enemy. For centuries, the three apprentices and Merlin were all that stood between Morgana and man's destruction. They were on the run, outnumbered, with no one to depend upon but each other. Over time, Balthazar fell in love with Veronica.
So did Horvath.
Balthazar found his love returned, but he also found something even more unexpected. Morgana planted a seed of doubt in his mind, a piece of truth that began to turn him away from Merlin. When his distrust went too far, Veronica refused to follow him down his chosen path. The wedge between the apprentices grew, and through Balthazar Morgana gained the opportunity to create even more destruction while she gained sorcery's most dangerous spell, known as the Rising, giving Morgana the power to raise an army of the dead and enslave mankind. Veronica sacrificed herself for Horvath by drawing Morgana's soul into her own body, but Morgana began to kill her from the inside. To save Veronica's life and to capture Morgana, Horvath trapped them both in the Grimhold, an inescapable prison.
As Merlin lay dying, he gave Horvath his dragon ring, saying it would guide him to the child who would one day grow to be Merlin's successor, the Prime Merlinian.

Horvath would search for centuries, all the while protecting the Grimhold and fighting Morganians who sought to free their leader, for mankind will never be safe until Morgana is destroyed by the prime Merlinian.

This is not the Horvath you know (assuming you're familiar with The Sorcerer's Apprentice movie in the first place), but an AU version.
My girlfriend plays [personal profile] grimholdkeeper, a canon-version Balthazar with some additional necessary backstory that the movie lacked. In that character's history, Horvath was the first apprenticed and oldest, then Balthazar, then Veronica. When Merlin found and apprenticed Balthazar, it was just after his family had been killed in a fire. For more on Balthazar and some good reading, I highly recommend her stuff on

This version of Horvath shares her Balthazar's history up to a point; They went through the same childhood history, and Balthazar and Veronica fell for each other while Horvath became the odd man out and bitter about it. The twist came when Morgana got to Balthazar and tried to turn him against Merlin, instead of Horvath. She told him the fire that had killed his family was actually caused by Merlin (accidentally, while fighting a sorcery battle). This deliberately omitted truth planted a seed of distrust that offended Balthazar's sense of justice, and a rift began to grow. As he turned away from Merlin, Veronica broken-heartedly told him she would not follow him down that path, and her letting him go only pushed Balthazar further. Veronica turned to Horvath for comfort- as a big-brother figure, and while he was bitterly resigned to the knowledge he would never be a love interest for her, Veronica and Merlin's need of him bound him closer to them.
Balthazar aided Morgana in getting access to the keep, not because he supported her but because he wanted to pit her and Merlin against each other. What outcome he was hoping for is anybody's guess, and he was not witness to the fight. Things went the way of the movie's introduction, more or less, except that it was Horvath who fought in Balthazar's place, and ended up stuck with the quest.
The long search has taken a toll on Horvath, and he's definitely not the man that plays the role of villain in the film. He's still Horvath, of course, frowny and serious and more than a little bitter. I guess this post is both explanation and apology. If you're looking for a canon Horvath, he's not here...


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