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The Obvious
Maxim Horvath is both tall and broad, 6'3" with a build that's a strange mix of stocky and lanky. He's barrel-chested and definitely overweight, but he's also got very long arms and legs, and a generally big frame under the extra padding. He has a rocking limp and uses a cane to walk, but it's more for balance than actual support and unless someone is very observant it's hard to tell that it's his left leg he's favoring.
He appears to be somewhere in his late forties to early fifties, with a hint of grey in his beard and at his temples. More than once he's been mistaken for some kind of professor, and he tends to dress in slightly outdated three-piece suits, or at least slacks, oxford shirts, and a vest. His clothes are tailored, but a little bit threadbare just because they're old. He also has reading glasses, which he'll pull out if needed, so that contributes to the professorial look. The most striking thing about Horvath's wardrobe are his rings; On most days there's one on every finger except his wedding ring finger. All of them are on the heavy side, mostly ornate, and have some gemstone or another. The least he's ever seen with is two, one on his right hand set with a blue translucent stone, maybe a sapphire, and an additional ring of one kind or another. He wears no other jewelry, as a general rule.
Horvath has a deep, expressive voice and a British/European accent (True Brits will hear hints that he's traveled). He's an eloquent speaker and he likes to talk, and has a slightly sarcastic, dry wit. On the surface of things, he's usually friendly and easy to have a conversation with, but he also doesn't like to go into emotional topics or the details of his own history. Horvath can be dour and serious, if he's not on a cheerful topic. He doesn't deal well with overly emotional people, tending to flounder and/or retreat in a hurry.

The Less Obvious
To those sensitive to these things, Horvath is a sorcerer of not inconsiderable power. He was a student of Merlin, and is over 1,450 years old. There is a spell set on him by Merlin which keeps him from aging (mostly) until Morgana is destroyed, but he's not invulnerable or impossible to kill. His rings are (yes all of them) magic in nature, but some have different uses than others. The ring on his right hand with the blue stone is his personal talisman, and he usually has at least a couple of rings that store quick-use magic shield spells.
If it comes up in a fight or some other action sequence, Horvath is missing his left leg from just a few inches below the knee. The prosthesis is fairly modern, metal and plastic and made to match his other leg realistically, but it doesn't bend much at the ankle. He can't feel it, of course, and his balance is a little iffy because of that, but he can walk a short distance without the aid of a cane.

OOC Permissions, etc.
Important note for those expecting the movie version of Maxim Horvath: This Horvath is an AU version! Please see the Au info link below for more. Horvath is also played as familiar with a multiversal nexus ([community profile] dear_multiverse from back on LJ) and has continuity from that, including a friendship with a pre-movie canon Balthazar Blake.
I am generally down for action/fight scenes as long as there is no god-moding involved. Mun and muse are over the age of 18 and then some. If you have any OOC questions, just send me a message!

AU Info ~ Character Survey of Doom

Additional Links:
Ambient sound environment of Horvath's Library.
All artwork copyright Rey 2014 Larger version here.
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((This is so stupid, I'm having an insomniac night for no particular reason, but then my brain prompted me with a horrible, terrible, glaring continuity issue in the Sorcerer's Apprentice movie;
When Horvath and Morgana busted into the keep, she told him to fetch the page from the spell book for The Rising, which implies she basically needs that page. Horvath rips it out of the book, retreats. Morgana gets sucked into Veronica/the Grimhold before she can rejoin him.
Fast forward to the climax of the movie, Horvath releases her from the Grimhold, and Morgana immediately starts doing the spell. Soooo... did she not actually need that page, or what? Am I supposed to believe there was some cutscene where Horvath goes 'oh hey, been carrying this around a thousand years and had it on my person when I got sucked into that urn and all' and hands her the page? If he's been carrying it all that time, you'd think he'd be just as capable of doing the damn spell himself, frankly, which begs the question of what he needed Morgana for at that point anyway... unless what he was really after was the hope that Veronica survived in there. I'd buy that at least, after her comment about how he looks at her. That still doesn't explain why she claimed to need a page from a book that she never got and then did the spell without.

Right. Gonna try sleeping again.))

OOC, *sigh*

Jun. 2nd, 2012 10:57 pm
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Posting this across journals, and I'm sorry I didn't do this sooner. Basically this is an apology for the utter fail in my online presence. I get a job at last, which is good, but between that and a number of other odds and ends my free time and energy has been very limited, especially the latter. There are evenings I have the chance to relax and RP, but I just don't have the oomph left in me to do anything coherent. I'm sorry if RP friends are suffering, I really didn't mean to drop off the face of the earth. Part of the issue is that I've been unemployed so damn long, it's taking time to adjust to having a work schedule again, and my other projects such as selling at the local Farmer's Market have not ended, and I somehow seem to have gained an unofficial, unpaid job as a photographer there which has started to cause headaches.

Anyways, I am still here, and I still adore you guys, but I'm struggling to prod myself into RP again. I don't want to take an official sabbatical, because I'm stubborn like that, but I may continue to be very spotty for a while.


Oct. 7th, 2011 10:58 pm
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The war between Sorcerers was fought in the shadows of history, and the fate of mankind rested with the just and powerful Merlin. He told his secrets to three trusted apprentices, Balthazar, Veronica, and Horvath. He should have trusted only two...

The apprentices witnessed the savagery of a sorcerer beyond evil; Morgana le Fay, Merlin's most deadly enemy. For centuries, the three apprentices and Merlin were all that stood between Morgana and man's destruction. They were on the run, outnumbered, with no one to depend upon but each other. Over time, Balthazar fell in love with Veronica.
So did Horvath.
Balthazar found his love returned, but he also found something even more unexpected. Morgana planted a seed of doubt in his mind, a piece of truth that began to turn him away from Merlin. When his distrust went too far, Veronica refused to follow him down his chosen path. The wedge between the apprentices grew, and through Balthazar Morgana gained the opportunity to create even more destruction while she gained sorcery's most dangerous spell, known as the Rising, giving Morgana the power to raise an army of the dead and enslave mankind. Veronica sacrificed herself for Horvath by drawing Morgana's soul into her own body, but Morgana began to kill her from the inside. To save Veronica's life and to capture Morgana, Horvath trapped them both in the Grimhold, an inescapable prison.
As Merlin lay dying, he gave Horvath his dragon ring, saying it would guide him to the child who would one day grow to be Merlin's successor, the Prime Merlinian.

Horvath would search for centuries, all the while protecting the Grimhold and fighting Morganians who sought to free their leader, for mankind will never be safe until Morgana is destroyed by the prime Merlinian.

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