Nov. 29th, 2014

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Thanksgiving is over, but that's only the prelude to the holiday season. Now Christmas shopping is in full swing, the weather has turned very brisk, and the city is in full winter mode. Even on a weekday, the streets are crowded with shoppers, and the coffee shop is busy, too.

Horvath has proven easy enough to reach by email, and agreeable to meeting at the coffee shop of her choosing, offering to bring a few books along. Now, though, he's late, albeit only by ten minutes or so. When he does come in, he looms in the doorway a little, a tall, bulky figure made even bigger by a long winter coat and scarf. He's got a leather satchel, and his cane, and once he spots her he still has to get over to her table. Of course he could just bully his way through the crowd waiting to order their fancy drinks and get on with their shopping, but instead he takes the route of trying to make his large frame take up as little space as possible, squeezing through gaps in the massed patrons with mumbled apologies and a rocking limp. By the time he gets to the table, he's slightly out of breath and flustered.

So much for making a good impression.


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