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Horvath can, even if he thinks back hard on the past few decades since he settled in New York, count the number of guests he's had on one hand. It's only been Bel, the past five years or so, and he's had two or three trusted associates over to talk shop in the past twenty years, once each. Most of those have since passed on, anyway. A large reason is that he is cautious, to the point of paranoia. After all, his home is built around a vault that contains some very volatile magical items, which is the very reason he settled there, wanting to guard it more closely. That's partly an excuse, though. It's only subconsciously that he looks for reasons to keep people out; out of his home, out of his life. Friends are dangerous, it hurts too much to get attached only to outlive them in what seems like such a short time.

More recently, that's changed, and he's making an effort to open up again. It still takes some careful adjustments to the wards, to let even one person in. Fortunately he knows Anna fairly well, having astral projected with her, so that makes the adjustment easier. She should feel privileged, being one of only three people currently able to pass through the fortification of shields that surround his home.

At the arranged time, he magically teleports her in, to a dim cozy library with a vaulted ceiling of tile. There are no windows, and if one studies the architectural details it's not hard to see the remnants of the turn-of-the-century train station this place once was. Horvath has since filled it with bookshelves, desks, floor lamps and chairs. It's comfortably warm, and the furniture is antique and well-padded, much like the man who makes his home here. A low table has been laid out with tea, finger sandwiches, and cookies, with a few book-shaped wrapped packages stacked to one side.

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Anna's making more of an effort these days. The old Anna would have shown up in running shoes and yoga pants, but it isn't just the somewhat lazy college girl in her head anymore and well... the effort's results aren't up to Analise's standards but it's better than it would have been.
She brings a small container of homemade honey flavoured pastries. The honey hides the rest of the blandness since Ana's longtime recipe has been altered to be vegan-friendly. With the exception of the Honey at least.
Anna offers it to Horvath when she arrives, a bit sheepishly.

She is momentarily distracted by the antiques, looking impressed by the condition as well as the architectural structure of the train station he calls home. She's forever the art student and appreciative of things. There's also half a dozen different magical items piquing her interest although she's only still half aware of that new side of her.

"Thank You for inviting me."

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"They're not poisoned but I don't promise they're any good. I made some... substitutes to the recipe and I'm still getting the hang of this whole Vegan thing."

She shrugs a shoulder a bit sheepishly. "But it's rude to visit and not bring something. And I already gave you wine so... hopefully they'll go together well enough."

She does take a seat though, still looking around curiously.

"Your home is kind of amazing."

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"Maybe. It might be worth it." She gives him a bright smile that implies she would go through it with it if it were in her interests. "But that's a lot of effort and then I'd have to adopt your cats, which I don't know... Wade's not much of an Animal kind of guy."

She leans in enough to accept a cup of the tea and then sits back, at ease in the surroundings.

"Well, I do like what you've done with it."

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Anna gives a dismissive little wave, but she's amused and her lips are curled into a smile. "Wade does the fighting. He enjoys it. The one thing I have no inner conflict about is being lazy."

She glances at the biscuits and the sandwiches and nibbles at the corner of one of the sandwiches before eyeing the stack of books curiously. She sets the tea and sandwich down and then reaches for the book at the top of the stack.

"Are you sure? ...Thank You."

Date: 2014-12-10 09:36 pm (UTC)
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"Am I supposed to wait until Christmas to open them?"

There's a glint of hopefulness that No, she doesn't have to wait and can open them Now.

Date: 2014-12-10 10:33 pm (UTC)
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"Well, technically you could be waiting for Christmas for the Wine. But that was a Thank You present not a Christmas present..."

She doesn't really wait though and peels back the paper on the books and gives them a curious, cursory flip through, looking more than a little pleased.

"Thank You! I mean it. This is wonderful."

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"You heard about the fairies, didn't you? Who Told you?!" She narrows her eyes slightly in suspicion. It's possible she told him and has forgotten. She makes a sour face because that incident really hadn't been intentional and it was before she realized she'd woken up the witch in her head but had been subtly influenced by and drawn towards her old life of old magic which had been all tied up with the curse she'd put on herself.

"Well... At least now if I end up undead I can potentially reverse it."
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"well. Yes. And then I was being stupid and caught a bunch of babies in a jar. But I released them. We're all good."

She laughs a bit, although it's vaguely nervous. It's not that she's keeping secrets, it's just that the less you talk about it, the less you have to deal with it.

Her eyes glance over slightly at the movement but then back to Horvath. Paying them no attention them.

Not so much, but I'm not really dealing with it.

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Anna thought they were fireflies the first time. The second time was just to show Wade. And because they were pretty. She pulls out her cell phone and tabs through the photos to find a picture of of a mason jar filled with what could be fireflies.

"Yeah. I had dealings with one of them, when I was a Ghost. She was kind of a bitch." She shrugs through and leaves it there without going into more.

He lips do curl slightly at the change in tone while Horvath addresses the cat. She looks at it. Blinks deliberately at it, and then looks away, still not giving it any real attention.


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[she chuckles slightly] Aren't they? I thought so too. I didn't realize they were fairies at first. I felt bad after I realized. Kind of. I still had to show Wade though. Because who wouldn't want to show that to people?

That was when I realized weird things were going on with me. I'd been alive again for maybe a week and just... drawn to stuff like that.

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[She waves her hand, but it's not a jerky or sudden movement. Feeling the aura of a cold nose and whiskers, she's careful not to move her feet]

My life until rather recently has been mostly unpleasant.

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Well Snap, Smoke. She dressed up today so the running shoes were left in favour of cute slouchy boots. But at least they're leather and they smell good?

"Well, it was my own fault. Literally. But things are already sort of changing for the better. I can already feel it. I'm not cursed, I'm happily married and I'm not dead or undead so... I can do the things I love which largely involve food..."
She gives him a little smile.

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She gives one of her feet a slight sudden twitchy shuffle, shifting the toe of the boots, making it a little interesting but so grand a movement it's too startling.

"I was dead for twelve years... and a hundred years or so on top of that. You have no idea how much I missed food."

The vaugely conflict between her past self and her current life however are causing some interesting food drama at home. What to do when one of your selves is known for her homemade Snakewine and the other is a vegan?

"Wade... we have a bit of a ridiculous story. We met because he has a thing for redheads and we hit it off. He was safe for me to feed from when I was especially dangerous. We both went through some relationship stuff and at one point I wanted to murder him--and tried. But through it all whenever I had a crisis, he was there for me, and figured out a way to keep me alive. Or... in existence. After a while we just sort of hooked up."

There's a faint smile while she talks about her husband. A genuine fondness despite the insanity and whatever annoying habits he might possess.

"He can be a bit.. intense, but he's a good man at heart."

Date: 2014-12-12 05:12 pm (UTC)
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"It's hard. I mean you get used to a lot of stuff.... but the little things kill you. No mango smoothies. No iced tea or coffee..." She makes a face to illustrate the torture.

"No. That is the one thing I don't worry about. He's been the one who has stuck with me through all the shit. Everyone else..." she waves a hand somewhat dismissively. "The people who stick with you through the hard stuff are the ones you need to keep around."

Date: 2014-12-12 07:07 pm (UTC)
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"Well, you channel it into haunting. It helps. But not nearly enough."

She grins, and she's amused as much by the anguish over no tea and the antics of Smoke. She shuffles her foot around a bit, undermining the gentle scolding by offering the cat something fitdgity.

"Truthfully, it was hard but Wade managed to tie me to him on a cosmic level so it was a lot easier than it probably would have been otherwise."

Date: 2014-12-14 11:40 pm (UTC)
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"Well if you're a ghost, you're more vengeful than lazy. Not that you have to do a lot... you can just fuse something or freeze a pipe... not a whole lot of effort and all the entertainment value."

She finally closes the book she's looking at, setting it aside and picking up her teacup again.

"He hired a witch. And then interfered because things weren't going fast enough for his liking."

She smirks slightly because Caitlin, the witch who Wade had hired, was one of Anna's least favourite people. And Ana's for that matter. Her annoyance at the entire situation was now just a little bit more satisfying.

Anna shuffles her foot slightly as Smoke darts at her foot, making sure it is twitchy and entertaining to attack.

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"I am. I mean I am the least surprised person of all that I ended up a Ghost."

She laughs a bit, giving her shoulder a shrug. the toe of her boot shuffles along the floor, 'squirming' against Smoke. But not too effectively to get away.

"No.. Caitlin had it coming... literally. She was the one who killed me all those years ago. I've zero sympathy for her. The fact that I haven't murdered her after getting myself back is significant.

Date: 2014-12-16 03:19 pm (UTC)
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"Well. We didn't know it was her. And she killed me so long ago she had no idea I was me. Maybe part of the curse, maybe just a long time has passed."

The pronouns are slightly confusing and Anna takes a moment to sort them out in her head.

"I've taken care of her though."

It's just a touch icy the way she says that, and her expression darkens slightly. Only for a moment though and then she settles on the cat attacking her boot. Her foot plays dead for a moment before it twitches again.

Date: 2014-12-30 12:43 am (UTC)
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"I kind of have a thing for synchronicity too, so.. Old me probably set it up that way... given enough time and expecting paths cross. There's not a lot of coincidence in magic."

Part of her knows and understands how this all worked out, the other part of her struggles to understand and explain. It's a bit disorienting.

With Smoke having darted away, she tucks her foot up, letting it rest idle... for now.

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"I don't get uncomfortable by that sort of thing. It's nice to see it coming now though."

She regards Smoke thoughtfully while she plays.

"You'll be the first person I look up when I set myself on fire, I promise."

If she means that literally or metaphorically, she's not elaborating. "Actually I might do that even if I'm not on fire, and I just need tips."

Date: 2015-01-02 06:21 pm (UTC)
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"I'd drive you crazy if I were a student anyway."

No joking there. Anna is stubborn and opinionated and the old witch in her has her own character flaws that don't particularly involve listening to old men.

"But I will ask if there are things I don't understand. I'll even try to do it before I get myself into trouble."

Date: 2015-01-02 10:29 pm (UTC)
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"I don't think old witchy pride is enough to keep me from asking questions. At least I don't think so right now."

Time will tell though and it will depend on how well the personalities synch in the end. She's inwardly thoughtful for a moment.

"Every now and then bits and fragments come back to me, but a lot of it is still very unfamiliar ground. And then I want to kick myself for being dumb."

Date: 2015-01-03 03:07 am (UTC)
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"It gets easier with time. At least that's how the saying goes."

She gives him a little smile and half a shrug.

"Death didn't stop me, I can't imagine this will."

Date: 2015-01-04 02:12 am (UTC)
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"The curse isn't broken. I'm very good at curses. But.. it's not gone."

[She's thoughtful for a moment. But quiet, looking down at her tea and her fingers wrapped around the mug]

"Magic has a price. The price of the curse was that I suffered. I'm not suffering so the curse isn't being fed... The cycle's been broken. If that makes sense. A road with a washed out bridge."

The danger of course is implied. Lingering remnants, hinging on a technicality. How much would it take to re-trigger the cycle is the question of course.


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